Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Strapped for cash?

Strapped for cash?

I had a pretty bazar experience last night that I'm still trying to work out if I enjoyed or not…

I have well and truly broken the bank with all the festivities and present buying this year, but I didn't think I could take looking at my hung-over face in the mirror anymore. The puffy cheeks and blocked pores were starting to get to me.
I then remembered the fairly dodgy nail bar that I frequent has a beauty salon above it. I use the word salon lightly, more like a very small room containing a very small Indian lady. It was a risk, but looking at the prices all common sense went out the window.
I arrived in the evening after work and got the feeling she would have quite liked to have been going home too! There was little chit chat and her manner was very brusque. So much so that when she started exfoliating my face, it felt quite like she was sanding a wall!
Her massage technique was pretty peculiar and not very relaxing, but she did steam and extract which was much needed, and applied various lotions and potions which didn't feel like they were agitate my sensitive skin.
By the end I was ready to had over my cash and bolt for the door never to return. Convinced that my face would be all red a blotchy, and why on earth had I done this before heading home to my family for Christmas?! But she handed me her little mirror and I was surprised to see that my face was clean and glowing!
The day after and my skin still looks great, I think I'm going to treat this place as somewhere to go when needs must, a no pain no gain alternative a nice relaxing spa treatment. Strange but quite handy to have up ones sleeve!

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